Pronouns – Exercises for Class 7

Words that take place of nouns in sentence are called pronouns.

  • Personal pronouns take place of people and things.
  • Possessive pronouns show possession or belonging.
  • Demonstrative pronouns are used to point out the objects which they refer to.
  • Interrogative pronouns are used to ask questions.
  • Reflexive pronouns are used when the subject and object of the verb refer to the same person or things.
  • Relative pronouns are sued to join a phrase or a clause with another in a sentence.


Q. Fill in the blanks using pronouns.

  1. Here is your new dress. Keep _______ carefully.
  2. This chair is not _______.
  3. _______ is worried about my health.
  4. The book lying there is _______.
  5. _______ of these would you like to buy?
  6. _______ is my house.
  7. To _______ are you going to give this bag?
  8. _______ dog has a wound on his back.
  9. I stitched this dress _______.
  10. They _______ created this confusion.


  1. it
  2. yours
  3. He
  4. mine
  5. Which
  6. This
  7. whom
  8. This
  9. myself
  10. themselves

Q. Fill in the blanks with pronouns.

  1. Rashmi bought _______ she liked in the fair. (everything, all)
  2. _______ of you have been called now. (who, all)
  3. I have lost the book _______ I bought from the book fair. (whom, which)
  4. I have cooked the dish _______. (myself, mine)
  5. Sunil is very intelligent. _______ is liked by all. (you, he)


  1. everything
  2. All
  3. which
  4. myself
  5. He

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