The Belkin Tales by Alexander Pushkin

The Tales of the Late Ivan Petrovich Belkin is a series of five short stories. The collection is opened with the editorial, in which Pushkin pretends to be the verbose publisher of Belkin’s tales.

The tales themselves are not related to one another, except that they are all said in the introduction to be stories told by various people to a recently deceased landowner, Ivan Petrovich Belkin.

The Belkin Tales

  1. The Queen of Spades
  2. The Shot (also known as The Pistol Shot)
  3. The Blizzard (also known as The Snowstorm)
  4. The Undertaker
  5. The Stationmaster (also known as The Postmaster)
  6. The Squire’s Daughter (also know as The Lady Rustic)

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