The Final Convergence in Everything That Rises Must Converge

The final convergence of the story begins with Julian realizing that his mother is more severely hurt than he has reckoned. Initially, he thinks that his mother has been taught a good lesson. He begins chastising her with his liberal ideas and asserting the changes that have taken place in the state. But as he realizes that she is drifting away, he calls for her with his never shown love. Ironically, the attempt to converge with his mother comes terribly late. Her death jolts Julian and brings him to a point where he is unable to confront his own reality. Her death blurs the boundaries of black and white and his understanding of right and wrong to an extent where it is increasingly difficult for him to understand this world through these set rules.

After the death of Mrs. Chestny, we realize that the world is perhaps, not that simple. None of the characters in the story is evil enough to be hated; neither can any of them be praised. Each one of them has his own codes which ultimately lead to a catastrophe that questions the consistency and logic of the new social order of the world. The story descends into deeper disharmony, with the death of Mrs. Chestny, rejecting the possibility of a shared social order.

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