The Old-Clock Shop – Summary

Short Summary

It’s Christmas Eve, and closing time for shops. Ray’s old-clock shop is still open. Two shoppers call at this late hour. Ray knows that his visitors are in need. He accepts an old watch in exchange for a good sum of money. The message of peace and goodwill spreads everywhere as the old clocks chime Merry Christmas.


It was Christmas Eve. The old and deaf Ray, owner of the old-clock shop was still working on a clock, even at this late hour. He got up to close the shop when he saw two men coming to his shop. One was in his twenties and the other close to fifty. The younger one stayed at the door, whereas the older one, who did not seem friendly at all, approached Ray.

Ray looked closely and could see the shape of a gun in the man’s right coat pocket. Ray kept his cool and wrote on a notepad how he might help him. He pointed to the board with old clocks and watches hanging on it. He did not lend money on security but was good enough to help those who were in need.

The older man took out his wrist watch from his pocket, and asked how much Ray would give him for it. The man seemed to be in a bad situation and needed money. Ray was very kind and generous. He pulled out a fifty dollar note and handed it to the man. They both knew that the watch was not worth that amount.

The man wrote on the note pad that he would come back soon to take back his watch and return the money. He also wished Ray a Merry Christmas. Just was midnight and all the clocks starting ringing and chiming together spreading the message of peace, hope and goodwill.

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