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The Wonderful Words by Mary O’ Neill

Never let a thought shrivel and die
For want of a way to say it
For English is a wonderful game
And all of you can play it.
All that you do is match the words
To the brightest thoughts in your head
So that they come out clear and true
And handsomely groomed and fed —
For many of the loveliest things
Have never yet been said.

Words are the food and dress of thought
They give it its body and swing
And everyone’s longing today to hear
Some fresh and beautiful thing;
But only words can free a thought
From its prison behind your eyes
May be your mind is holding now
A marvellous new surprise!


Every person is constantly thinking. The words we speak bring out our thoughts. The poet says that no thought should die for want of expression. Expressing our thoughts using proper words is a wonderful game to play. All that one has to do is to pick out good words and thread them together to express his/her thoughts beautifully.

Words are the food and dress of thought. Thoughts can be freed from the prison of our eyes and mind by using proper words. Who knows, there may be a wonderful thought waiting to be liberated.

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