A Game of Chance – Summary

Have you ever won anything in a ‘lucky dip’ orother such game of chance? Do you like suchgames?


On the occasion of Eid every year, a fair was held in Rasheed’s village. Traders from far and near came to sell their goods.

Rasheed’s uncle took him and Bhaiya, their domestic helper to the fair. Uncle met some friends. So he left Rasheed and Bhaiya to see the fair on their own but, forbade them from buying anything in his absence.

The two were roaming about in the fair when they came to a shop called the ‘Lucky Shop’. The owner of the shop was a middle aged man. He lured the people to come and try their luck by paying 50 paise. The two boys stood near the shop and watched.

An old man won a beautiful clock. The old man did not want the clock so the shopkeeper took it back and paid 15 rupees to the old man.

Another boy tried his luck and won a comb, a fountain pen, wrist watch and a table lamp one after the other in many chances that he played. He sold all the items to the shopkeeper and went away happily.

Rasheed also wanted to play and try his luck. Bhaiya encouraged him, but Rasheed was not lucky when he tried his luck. He won only cheap items like pencils, inkbottle and soon lost all his money.

When uncle returned, Bhaiya told him what had happened. Uncle did not scold him. He patted him on his back and bought many gifts for Rasheed.

On reaching home, Uncle explained to Rasheed, the trick played on him. The old man and the boy were the shopkeeper’s men. They lured the people to try their luck and fooled them. Uncle told Rasheed that he was not unlucky, only foolish.

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