A Pact with the Sun – Important Questions

Important Question and Answers

Q. What were the ailments that Saeeda’s mother had?

Ans. Saeeda’s mother had fever, cough, body-ache and pain in joints.

Q. What happened when Saeeda’s mother was treated by variety of doctors?

Ans. When she was treated by variety of doctors, she showed signs of improvement but soon relapsed into her old, sick self.

Q. What did she do to pay the doctor’s fee and cost of medicine?

Ans. She sold out a few trinkets to pay the doctor’s fees and cost of medicine.

Q. What did doctor prescribe to Saeeda’s mother?

Ans. Doctor prescribed effective but costly medicine to Saeeda’s mother.

Q. What did Saeeda’s mother ask to God?

Ans. She asked the God why has he order the sun to hide behind the clouds. How would she be ever cured?

Q. What did Saeeda do when she saw the pale spot in the courtyard?

Ans. When Saeeda saw the pale spot in the courtyard she ran to her mother to say the sun was there.

Q. What did Saeeda tell to the Sun?

Ans. Saeeda told the Sun to come with more warmth and brightness, because her mother was sick and she needed his help.

Q. What did the Sun say about the journey to earth?

Ans. The sun said, “It’s our day off again, we are staying up here. The road to earth is blocked by an army of thick and mucky clouds.”

Q. What did the little ray say?

Ans. The little ray said that she could not stay back as she had given word to Saeeda. Her mother was ill and she needed their help.

Q. How did Saeeda react when she saw the groups of rays approaching her?

Ans. When Saeeda saw the group of rays approaching her, she shouted “Amma, Amma, the sun is here.”

Q. She was fully recovered. What did she follow?

Ans. She was fully recovered but she still followed doctors advice-an hour of sunlight and lungful of fresh air everyday.

Q. Why do you think, Saeeda’s mother was suffering from so many ailments?

Ans. Saeeda’s mother was suffering from so many ailments because she was treated by a variety of physicians who were not specialists. They denied her normal food, fresh air and even sunlight.

Q. What Saeeda’s mother had to do to consult a specialist?

Ans. To consult a specialist, Saeeda’s mother had to sell a few small ornaments to pay the doctor’s fee and buy medicines.

Q. What did the little rays do to clear the clouds?

Ans. The little rays unitedly focused their heat on the clouds and forced them to give them way to reach the earth.

Q. What else did the doctor suggest her?

Ans. Doctor asked her to immediately leave the dingy room and occupy some bigger room with doors and windows open. She should use sunshine and fresh air regularly.

Q. How did Saeeda’s mother react?

Ans. Saeeda’s mother was determined to follow doctor’s instructions. She ordered to move her bed to the next room and said that she would sit under the sun on her charpoy daily for an hour.

Q. What message does the story ‘A Pact with The Sun’ convey.

Ans. This story conveys two messages. Firstly that old and sick people need sunshine and fresh air which helps to avoid many ailments like body ache, joint pain, asthma, jaundice etc. Secondly this lesson has also taught us to keep our promise even if we have to go out of the way to fulfill it. This is what the little sun rays had done.

Q. Comment on the appropriateness of the title of the story. ‘A Pact with the Sun.’

Ans. The story. A pact with the Sun, is an inspirational story where a daughter requested sun rays to provide warmth to her mother and make her well and healthy. It shows a daughter’s love and affection for her mother. She was disturbed because her mother was ill and doctors advised her to sit in the sun and breathe in fresh air. But the irony was that there was no sunshine for a few days, which made Saeeda worried about her mother. When there was no hope Saeeda made a pact with the sunrays that they would come down to the earth the next day to make her mother healthy and well. The sunrays also fulfilled their promise and reached the earth next morning. Thus, the title is quite appropriate because the pact made her mother healthy and well. Now Saeeda was happy.

Q. What is the message of the lesson ‘A Pact with the Sun?

Ans. The message of the lesson is that if we are determined to do something, we can do it. The natural forces also help us to achieve what we need and desire. Saeeda loves her mother a lot and made a pact with the sunrays that they would reach the earth the next day. Her mother needed warmth of sunrays to get well. The doctor advised her to sit in the sun and breathe in fresh air to have her health improved. The sunrays were true to their words and fulfilled the promise and reached the earth next day. The sun rays said they would be called liars if they did not fulfil their promise and nobody would believe them. This is the message of the lesson.

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