Debate on Old Age Homes Are Not Required in India

‘Old age homes are not required in India.’ Write a debate in 150-200 words either for or against the motion.

Respected Principal, teachers and my worthy opponents. Good morning to you all.

I, Karuna, stand before you to express my views against the motion that old age homes are not required in India. Until the time joint family system existed and there was an emotional interdependence between elders and young members of the family, elders were cared for by the young and vice-versa.

However, it saddens me to say that the joint family system is gradually losing its importance. One of the biggest reasons for this could be generation gap. More and more young couples are opting for nuclear family thus forcing elders of the family to either live alone or under the care of others. There have been, many instances where the elderly have been, robbed, beaten or murdered by the care taker or someone known. Given the sad situation, it is suffice to say, that old age home are the need of the hour.

Although, many consider old age homes a sign of rejection, it is worth noting that these centres are well equipped with a variety of facilities. Residents are provided with entertainment, physical workout, etc., which keeps them busy as well as fit. Moreover all their needs are taken care of including medical care. In conclusion, old age homes bring people of same age together who being able to share experiences, enjoy living together.

Thank you

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