Debate on Reality TV Draws a Factual Picture of Life

‘Reality TV draws a factual picture of life.’ Write a debate either for or against the motion in 150-200 words.

Respected Judges, Honourable Principal, teachers and my worthy opponents.

Good morning to you all. Today I, Komal, stand before you to speak against the motion on the topic ‘Reality T.V. draws a factual picture of life’.

These days, many television channels telecast various reality T.V. shows. Such shows are no longer limited to Hindi entertainment channels. English as well as regional entertainment channels are also in the league.

A lot of viewers find the daily soaps to be unreal, nonsensical and simply boring. Reality shows, on the contrary, are considered relatable, thus a respite from the daily soaps. It is true that reality T.V. shows are interesting and most of the time hold on to the viewers’ attention. However, on the hindsight, these reality shows are just another gimmick used by television channels to gain Television Rating Points (TRPs). A make believe world is created within the T.V. shows, which appear to be real, but actually, it is not.

The participants in the reality T.V. shows may not be actors. However, on many occasions, they are found to be role playing. The way they behave, the things they say, seem well-rehearsed and scripted. At such times, the viewers’ emotional attachment to the reality show’s participants loses it credibility. To top it all, exaggerated and forced emotions, expressed by the judges and contestants, adds to the fakeness of the reality T.V. shows. In order to cater to the sensationalism, sometimes the results are pre-decided. The contestant who is most loved by the public or has garnered maximum public sympathy and support is made the winner, where as the talented contestants get evicted or voted out. I would like to conclude by saying that one might learn to accept failure or success from reality T.V. shows. However, one must not believe everything one sees there.

Thank you

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