Debate on School Days are Happiest Days of Our Lives

“School days are the happiest days of our lives.” Express your views either for or against this statement.

School Days are Happiest Days of Our Lives

For the Statement

Yes, indeed I do agree that school days are the happiest days of our lives because this is the only time period, in which we are leading a student life. Our parents and society demand only good studies from us.

We are free from the bare realities of life. We are not expected to establish ourselves and earn bread for our living, which is very difficult. Our parents ask us to focus only on studies. We have nothing to do with the world. Every time our parents and teachers are standing as a shield to protect our interest of learning. In school we meet a lot of classmates and students of same age group. All of us have the same aim of studying, reading, writing, learning, playing, and developing our personalities. We all are carefree like small birds. We sing, dance and play together even in the worst situations. This is the time when we enjoy the most while learning. We are so innocent that we are least bothered about religion, caste or creed. We mingle with each other so easily. We don’t discriminate among our fellow students. Our minds are so raw that we learn everything quickly and we are also kind, helpful and considerate towards each other. We learn to develop unity, team work, and sportsmanship. We are the happiest individuals during the school days.

My only wish nowadays is, to go back to those school days through a ‘time machine’ and lead a carefree life with no worries and stress.

Against the Statement

Times have changed. Our education system is getting more emphasized every day. The primary school years whizz by in a fury of tests, targets, tutor, projects etc. This leaves the students into a pressurized battery of coursework, revision and exams.

Yes, there was a time when school days were the happiest days of our life. But now school is all about stress for completing assignments, projects and homework. Even the children of age 6 to 9 years have gradually lost their childhood on a battleground called ‘school’. The other reason for the school days not being the happiest days is that, trends have changed where there is caste discrimination in classes. Many students who belong to low-caste are left isolated, which makes their school days miserable and unhappy. The schools have become fields where unfair competitions take place every time. The students belonging to rich families bully other students through unfair means.

Days have gone where students enjoyed their friends’ company who were real and true towards their friendship. These school friends made each other’s school days happier. But nowadays the kind of school friends that exist, fulfill their selfish needs and are mostly fake.

Thus, school days might be the best days for some people. But the truth is they are now the ‘test days of our life’- nothing more than graveyards for lost childhood surrounded by fake companies called ‘friends’. This is the bitter yet real truth of the era in which we are living.

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