Debate on Simple Living High Thinking

Worthy chairperson, Honourable Judges and my dear students

Today I, Malini, stand before you to speak for the motion, ‘Simple Living High Thinking: A Mantra of Healthy Living’. As modern times dawned, people changed their ways of living. As newer inventions kept making their lives easier and easier, people became materialistic. They gave up simple joys of life, such as spending time with family, going outside to play, reading, etc. As a result, their ability to think about greater things in life deteriorated. Eventually, people started getting burdened with worries, anxiety and negative thoughts. This led to various lifestyle diseases, such as obesity, diabetes, cancer, etc.

A simple living means to be content with only that which is necessary. Spending excessive money on expensive things, which one may not need is not simple living. It even has consequences. For instance, in order to maintain a lavish lifestyle, one often spends more than what one earns. Later, when there is lack of money, the same person has to either make compromises or take loan from others. People who live a simple life are less or not bothered by the momentary joys. This gives them time to indulge in more important aspects of life, such as finding inner peace, developing into a better human being, and feel spiritual. High thinking is not thinking highly about oneself. It means to think positive and of the betterment of humanity. Not constantly worrying about the trivial things in life has positive effects on an individual’s health. She/he eats healthy food, exercises properly, thinks positive and stays happy. In conclusion, I strongly feel that, practicing simple living and high thinking will certainly lead to a healthy living.

Thank you

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