How the Dog Found Himself a New Master! – Summary

You may know that the dog and the wolf are closely related. You may also know something about how over the centuries, human beings have domesticated and tamed wild animals. Here is a story about how the dog became a tame animal.


Dogs were once their own masters, but one day a dog thought that he must become the servant of someone who was stronger than anyone and who could provide him with food and shelter.

He met a big wolf who was fierce and strong. The dog asked the wolf to be his master and the wolf agreed. The two walked together when suddenly the wolf sniffed the smell of a bear. Out of fear he ran away.

The dog then went to the bear and requested him to be his master as he was stronger than the wolf. The bear agreed and the two walked on. They saw a herd of cows. The bear wanted to kill a cow to eat, when suddenly they were stopped by a noise. The cows started mooing in fear. The bear told the dog to hide quickly. He was afraid of the king of the jungle – the lion.

The dog then asked the lion to be his master. The lion agreed and they both lived together for a long time when one day the lion smelt a man in the forest and told the dog to run away with him, or else they both will be in trouble. So the dog said goodbye to the Lion.

Dog then went to man to make him his master. Since then the dog has been serving man faithfully and knows no other master.

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