Letter to Editor: Importance of Education of Women

You have realised the necessity of education and financial independence of women for their family, society and in turn for the nation. Write a letter to the Editor, ‘The National Times’ highlighting your ideas on the importance of education of women leading to a better status for them. You are Tarun/ Taruna, B-7/9, Mall Road, Delhi.

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2nd March, 20××

The Editor
The National Times
New Delhi-21

Subject: The Importance of Education of Women


Through the columns of your esteemed daily, I would like to draw your attention towards the importance of education of women, leading to a better status for them.

For the development of any nation, whether social or economic, it is vital that all its citizens are educated. In India, there is a massive gap between male and female literacy rates. Low literacy rate among females has a negative impact on the overall growth and development of the society and eventually the nation. It is high time that the society realises that educating a woman is important not only because it is her fundamental right, but also because she is responsible for the holistic development of her family and the society.

Education of women leads to a better status for them. Education for women helps in improving lives and health of a family. An educated woman is strong and independent in every aspect of life, especially financially. She is more compassionate towards the needs of others and has a better understanding of the social structure. She is capable of offering valuable inputs and taking major decisions, which are advantageous for the family. For instance, a family in which both parents are highly qualified and earn well, enjoys a better standard of living. Since women are more concerned about their family’s health, educating them is crucial so that they are able to recognise health hazards and act confidently and prudently to eliminate them. Educated women are more aware of their rights. They are able to protect themselves from oppression and abuse, and take a stand for themselves, their family and most importantly their children.

An educated mother will make sure that her children are educated. An educated woman would choose to marry later in life, thus improving the chances of survival of herself and her baby. She is more aware of her children’s needs and nutrition, and is able to take better care of their health and hygiene, resulting in a low child mortality rate.

I would like to conclude by saying that women constitute almost half of a country’s population. When 50% of the population is denied education, the nation remains underdeveloped. It will be a mistake to leave women behind in our goal of sustainable development. It could only be achieved if both the genders are allowed equal opportunities in education and other areas. I hope I have been able to put my point across and create an awareness towards the need to educate women. Looking forward to see positive changes in the society.

Thank you

Yours sincerely
Tarun Khatri

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