Meadow Surprises – NCERT Solutions

Q. Read the lines in which the following phrases occur. Then discuss with your partner the meaning of each phrase in its context.

  1. velvet grass
  2. drinking straws
  3. meadow houses
  4. amazing mound
  5. fuzzy head


  1. ‘Walk softly through the velvet grass’. The word ‘velvet’ means soft and smooth. The grass in the grasslands or pastures is soft like velvet.
  2. ‘And unfold the drinking straws’. There are very thin and hollow stems of the flower. The butterfly draws nectar like juices through those straw.
  3. ‘Explore the meadow houses.’ The burrows or holes made in the ground by hares, and other animals.
  4. ‘The ant’s amazing mound’. The ant makes a wonderful small hill of mud.
  5. ‘A dandelion whose fuzzy head’. The soft fibre like head of dandelion flowers.

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