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Meadow Surprises by Louis Phillips

Meadows have surprises,
You can find them if you look;
Walk softly through the velvet grass,
And listen by the brook.

You may see a butterfly
Rest upon a buttercup
And unfold its drinking straws
To sip the nectar up.

You may scare a rabbit
Who is sitting very still;
Though at first you may not see him,
When he hops you will.

A dandelion whose fuzzy head
Was golden days ago
Has turned to airy parachutes
That flutter when you blow.

Explore the meadow houses,
The burrows in the ground,
A nest beneath tall grasses,
The ant’s amazing mound.

Oh! Meadows have surprises
And many things to tell;
You may discover these yourself,
If you look and listen well.


A meadow is a green field which can hold many surprises for us. The beauty of such a place can be seen by only those people who have a very keen eye and sharp ears.

The poet advises us to walk very softly through the green grass and to try to enjoy the music of the stream flowing by. He also tells us to see the butterfly resting upon a flower and sipping its juice.

It is possible that we may frighten a rabbit and make it run away. One can also blow a dandelion flower and let its fluffy parts fly in the air.

Green fields have houses like burrows in the ground or bird’s nest or ant hills under the tall grasses. The poet also emphasis upon the fact that all this can be seen only by those people who look for it kindly or when we lend our ears to them.

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