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Trees by Shirley Bauer

Trees are for birds.
Trees are for children.
Trees are to make tree houses in.
Trees are to swing swings on.
Trees are for the wind to blow through.
Trees are to hide behind in HIDE AND SEEK.
Trees are to have tea parties under.
Trees are for kites to get caught in.
Trees are to make cool shade in summer.
Trees are to make no shade in winter.
Trees are for apples to grow on and pears.
Trees are to chop down and call TIMBER-R-R!
Trees make mothers say,
“What a lovely picture to paint!”
Trees make fathers say,
“What a lot of leaves to rake this fall !”


This poem is in praise of trees. The trees are man’s best friend. Trees are for birds. The trees are for children also. They give us wood to make houses and swings. It is because of the trees that wind blows through. Children can hide behind their trunks in the game ‘hide and seek’.

The grown ups also enjoy their tea parties under their shade. Kites also get entangled in trees. It gives us cool shade in summers but not in winters. The tree even gives us fruits like apples and pear. When the tree is cut, its wood is called timber which is very useful. To man, mother find trees very good to make a painting whereas fathers feel that there are a lot of leaves to gather in autumn.

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