Short Forms – Exercises for Class 3

Q. Match the words with their short forms.

1. do not
2. he will
3. we are
4. were not
5. will not
a. won’t
b. we’re
c. weren’t
d. he’ll
e. don’t


  1. do not – don’t
  2. he will – he’ll
  3. we are – we’re
  4. were not – weren’t
  5. will not – won’t

Q. Rewrite the following sentences using short forms of the words in bold.

  1. You are not disturbing her.
  2. Do not speak loudly.
  3. You have not done your homework.
  4. I am watering the plants.
  5. You are speaking loudly.


  1. You aren’t disturbing her.
  2. Don’t speak loudly.
  3. You haven’t done your homework.
  4. I’m watering the plants.
  5. You’re speaking loudly.

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