To Spring by Eliza Lee Follen

Hail! reviving, joyous Spring,
Smiling through thy veil of showers;
Birds and brooks thy welcome sing,—
Haste, and waken all thy flowers.

Hark! a sweet pervading sound!
From the breathing, moving earth
Life is starting all around,
Sending joy and fragrance forth.

O’er the oak’s gigantic form
Blossoms hang their drapery;
Branches that defied the storm
Now are full of melody.

There is not a silent thing
In this joyous company;
Woods, and hills, and valleys ring
With a shout of jubilee.

Wake, my spirit! art thou still?
Senseless things have found a voice;
Shall this throbbing heart be still,
When all nature cries, “Rejoice”?

Wake, come forth, my bounding soul!
Join the universal glee,
Yield to nature’s kind control,
Catch her heavenly harmony.

Join the grateful, happy throng,
Cast each selfish care away;
Birds and brooks shall tune your song;
This is nature’s holiday.

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