Essay on A Visit to the Hospital

Yesterday, I visited a hospital to see a friend who had fractured her knee. The hospital was filled with many sick and wounded people who had come to get a proper treatment by qualified doctors. Different wings called wards were designated to different departments such as general ward, ICU, special ward, etc.

Emergency cases were being treated in the casualty ward. There was a paediatric ward for children below 12 years of age. My friend was in the orthopaedic ward, where patients with bone injuries are treated. Similarly, neurology and psychiatry ward dealt with patients having neurological or psychological disorders.

Women and children had special wards. Burns were being treated under special supervision. There were facilities for X-ray, ECG, Pathology and medicines in the hospital for the patients to find everything under one roof.

Even though loaded with facilities, the agony on the faces of patients made it a place, no one the would ever wish to visit.

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