Character Sketch of Indir Thakrun in ‘Pather Panchali’

Aunt Indir Thakrun is downright ancient. She is bent over at almost a ninety degree angle when she walks. She is a toothless old hag and the kind of realistic depiction of the very elderly. Periodically, Indir takes refuge in the home of another relative when Sarbojaya forces her out or becomes overly abusive. On such occasions, she arrives unceremoniously at her new residence with all of her possessions, which consist of a single bowl and the clothes on her back.

Aunt Indir has developed a very intimate relationship with Durga, the little girl of the family. It is observed that even Durga was also very affectionate towards this elderly woman. The chemistry between the two is one of the great concerns for Durga‘s mother, Sarbojaya. In fact, Sarbojaya is of the view that Indir was deliberately spoiling her daughter, Durga. But it was not the truth. Durga‘s child-nature had made her love and like the poor old Indir.

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