Debate on Capital Punishment Should Be Abolished

Write a debate in 150–200 words either for or against the motion: ‘Capital Punishment should be abolished’.

Respected Chairperson, Honourable Members of the Jury, teachers, students and my worthy opponents, Good morning to you all!

Today, I stand before you to speak against the motion ‘Capital Punishment should be Abolished’. Yes, I support the use of capital punishment and believe that criminals who commit heinous crimes should be executed through capital punishment. Law always presents criminals time and opportunity to reform so that they can become better human beings. However, repeat offenders, for example child molesters, murderers, serial killers, rapists, terrorists, etc. have already proven by their actions that they are not humans. Such inhuman individuals do not deserve to be protected under Human Rights laws. They are not worthy of living in the civilised society. In fact, such hardcore criminals are a threat to the society. Many a times, the crimes committed by these criminals do not get proven in the court. As a result they are acquitted. They get off scot free because of lack of evidence, and once they are out, they continue with their criminal activities in full swing. This proves that some criminals are beyond reformation and rehabilitation.

Death penalty is reserved for the most reprehensible crimes. It acts as a deterrent to would be criminals; in the end, knowing that the most severe punishment awaits them will be a warning to other criminals. They are forced to think about the consequences of their actions even before they commit the crime. This would save many lives including the life of a would-be criminal. I would like to conclude by saying that the execution of a hardcore criminal is the best way to provide closure to the family of their victims. They can finally be at peace that the perpetrator is not walking freely amongst the innocent and oblivious public, looking for the next target.

Thank you!

Example 2

For the Motion:

Honorable Judges, Respected Principal, Teachers and my dear friends! Good Morning. Today I feel privileged to present my views in favour of the motion ‘Capital Punishment should be abolished’.

Before starting of, I would like to explain what ‘Capital punishment’ is? It is actually the death penalty given by the government of a country to the person who has committed any serious crime. In my opinion, ‘Capital Punishment’ should be abolished. By giving someone a death penalty, it doesn’t mean that the crime is over or the victim is given justice. Instead, they should be punished in such a way that would make them realize and feel the pain and embarrassment from deep inside the heart. As we know that the crime graph is rising higher day by day and it’s not possible to hang all the criminals to death for their heinous crimes. So the accused must be given punishment that would make others afraid and they dare not think of committing crimes in future.

Moreover, death penalty is not for the democratic countries and civilized societies. It is not considered just and appropriate as in some cases influential and rich people hire good and reputed lawyers and could be saved if it falls on them. But on the other hand, those who cannot afford a good lawyer, succumb to death. Therefore, it is not justified. Rather imprisonment is far better to make a criminal realize his fault and to give him an opportunity to reform himself.

Thank You

Against the Motion:

Honorable Judges, Respected Principal, Teachers and my dear friends ! Good Morning. Today I stand before you to present my views against the motion ‘Capital Punishment should be abolished’.

For any crime there is a punishment and certain crimes are so ghastly for which capital punishment must be given to the criminals, otherwise the jutice would be denied to the victim. Besides, the criminals will get the opportunity to commit a more crimes. If they wouldn’t the fear of death, they would continue their wrongdoings. If capital punishment will be abolished, the other criminals will feel free to do such things in future which is unacceptable in the society as well as in the country. When a person commits a crime, he tries to escape the punishment by offering bribe to the police officials or jail authorities or hiring an influential lawyer. Even if he gets life imprisonment, it is nothing in front of the pain he caused to the victim.

Countries like United States of America give capital punishment to the criminals to lower the crime rates. If a person commits serious crimes like murder or rape, they should be given death penalty so as to give perceptual relief to the victim’s relatives. In a lot of cases, when the criminals are excused, they repeat the gruesome crimes. To avoid such situation, death penalty is must as it would refrain others from doing crimes and make the society safe. It is an appropriate punishment for the accused and also for those who continue to commit crimes even after being released from the jail.

Thank You

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