Debate on It is Cruel to Put Stray Dogs to Sleep

“It is cruel to put stray dogs to sleep”. Write a debate in 150-200 words either for or against the motion.

It is Cruel to Put Stray Dogs to Sleep

Honourable Chairperson, members of the Jury and my dear friends. I am Pulkit and I am here to speak for the motion “It is cruel to put stray dogs to sleep.”
It is rather perplexing to see humans torturing the poor and silent souls and putting them to permanent sleep. Is it because they cannot speak; express their pain and suffering ?

I want to ask who gives this right to them ? In fact, every living being has the right to survive on this planet. God has granted us the wisdom, but we steep down so low that we kill another living creature, that too for sheer pleasure. Is putting someone to sleep a pleasure ? It is a shameful thing. Such an act on our part is heinous and all living beings have the right to breathe in the open air.

Instead of killing them, we should find a different solution and relocate them to a place where stray dogs could be put together without causing anyone any problems. Dogs are very faithful and loyal by nature. If we take care of them, they respond very lovingly in their own manner. Putting them to sleep, either out of fear or out of joy, is not a sensible thing. It is high time that we take it seriously and punish the offenders adequately.

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