Debate on Private Tuitions Are a Necessary Evil

“Private Tuitions are a necessary evil”. Give your views either for or against this statement.

Private Tuitions Are a Necessary Evil

For the statement

Our education system is made in such a way that it favours the elite. The elites are rewarded by a laureate system that put emphasis on the results obtained by simple intelligence tests. Based on this system, what is left for parents is to ensure that their ward tops the class. In order to make their ward the topper of the class, they send them to tuitions. Tuition may lead to too much of pampering and may kill the self effort of the student. The student would not touch the book unless the tuition teacher turns up. Instead of working and learning on his own, he becomes so dependent on the tuition teacher, that, ultimately the gain would be perceptibly nil. Private tuition can be a financial burden to parents who are poor. Moreover, when the student is a slow learner who needs a tutor, tuition is a necessary evil. Some students treat their tutors as a ‘walking dictionary’, expecting them to furnish answers to the homework given by school without thinking that this can make their IQ zero. Thus, private tuitions are a necessary evil which should be avoided so that we can lead our life towards success.

Against the Statement

According to me “Private tuitions are necessary for success.” I personally feel that tuitions are a necessity for success in our modern and fast moving world. Tuition was not necessary in the past as education was not emphasized. Bill Cosby once said that “In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure.” In each class 20% of students are brilliant and pass with flying colours. While 80% of them are those who are very weak or just average. Thus, tuitions are necessary for these 80% students. Tutors in private tuitions are less strict. Thus, they are more acceptable. The students can sort out their problems in every subject with their tuition teachers, whereas, they are unable to do so in school because of their timid behaviour to ask questions to their subject teacher as they feel afraid of them. Tuition helps working moms, so that if they missed spending time with their kids on any particular day for their home work or some other school activities, it would be covered by the tuition. In a tuition class, a student learns to manage time properly and they get well prepared for final exams. Thus, in private tuition classes, the tutors prepare the students to cope up with time and manage writing exams with confidence.

Students can be lazy at times. They may lose their motivation to work hard. The temptation for students to play is strong, particularly playing and surfing internet over the phone. Allocating times for private tuition reduces their time spent in unhealthy pursuits. Thus, I feel that tuitions are necessary in this area. The thing to ensure is finding a good tuition teacher who has the ability to help increase every student’s confidence and thus, can help lay the ladder towards his/her success.

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