Essay on Honesty Is the Best Policy

Honesty Is the Best Policy Essay

This wise saying ‘honesty is the best policy’ has proved its worth time and again in the life of every person. An honest man may seem to be a loser in the beginning, but he is the actual winner in the end.

An honest man is a man of high character, so he is trusted by others. However poor an honest person may be, he is respected and trusted. On the other hand, a dishonest person does not enjoy the confidence of others, however rich he may be. Honesty is rewarding in life. It may not lead to immediate rewards, but it helps us in the long run.

An honest man is self-respecting. He is a man of a high moral sense. He is fearless in any situation because he is free from any dishonest feelings. He is replete with the feelings of courage and confidence.

In the present world of cut-throat competition, there is a rat-race for more and more wealth and power. Some people forget honesty in their struggle for power and wealth. They want success through short-cut means. They want to be rich overnight. So they adopt dishonest means. However, these people may earn riches in a short time, but we cannot call them happy and contented.

A dishonest person hoards money and luxuries of life using dishonest and illegal means, but he is always afraid of the legal action that may be awaiting against him. When people come to know of his dishonest means, they shirk him. They forgo to deal with him, and if at all they deal with him, they take all precautions so that they are not cheated. Loss of trust and confidence is the greatest loss that a person can suffer in all his life. A dishonest man is fearful, immoral and corrupt. He has no internal happiness.

As Pope, the great English poet has rightly said, “An honest man is the best creation of God.” Dishonesty is caused due to undue desires, that are beyond a person’s capacity and ability. A dishonest man ruins the whole social system. Such a person is a blot on the society and should be punished.

Unfortunately, our social system is based on the power of money. So everybody is running after money. An honest man often suffers as he finds it difficult to maintain himself and his family. His sons and daughters may not get good education and medical treatment for lack of money. Money plays an important part in our society. A dishonest man lives more comfortably than an honest man. The present scenario in the society shakes faith in honesty. Even an honest man begins to think whether honesty can ever be the best policy.

On the other hand, an honest man may be poor, but he is fearless, happy and contended. He is respected by all. So, we should always believe in this saying and follow it in deed and speech.

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