Letter: Placing Order for Sports Equipment for School

You are Ms. Monika Pundhir, the Sports Instructor in Army Public School, Agra. The Principal has asked you to place an order for buying necessary sports equipments required. You decide to place an order to M/s Sethi Sports, Jalandhar. Write a letter placing an order for the same in 100 – 150 words.

Army Public School,

6th July, 20××

The Sales Manager
Sethi Sports
Rainak Bazaar

Subject: Supply Of Sports Equipment For School


Through this letter of mine, our school wants to place a bulk order for the supply of sports equipments. The list of particulars are as follows:

S.No. Name of sports items Quantity
1 Hockey Sticks 15
2 Tennis Racquets 25
3 Cricket Kits 10
4 Tennis Balls 25
5 Basketballs 5

We request you to give 15% discount on the purchase of the sports equipments and a further 10% discount that is usually granted to the institutional buyers. It goes without saying that you will have to bear the mail and other expenses involved in the dispatch and delivery of equipment.

Kindly ensure that all the items are in good condition and must reach us in proper condition by 15th July 20×× if our terms and conditions are acceptable to you. Please let us know the mode of payment as well.

Thanking you

Yours sincerely

Monika Pundhir
(Sports instructor)

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