Letter to Editor: Decline in Girl Child Population

You are a social worker. You are upset after reading a report in the newspaper which shows a shocking decline in the girl child population. Write a letter to the Editor of a national daily highlighting the misconception still prevailing in our society where girls are considered a burden on the family. Sign the letter as Rajesh/Rupali.

441 Ganpati Apartments

27th March 20XX

The Editor
The Times of India
New Delhi

Subject: Save the Girl Child

Dear Sir

Through this letter, I wish to draw the attention of people towards parental discrimination in their treatment of girls and boys.

Girls are still considered a burden on the family. Due to this, in many parts of our country, a girl child is killed within the womb of the mother. Educated as well as uneducated and orthodox people can be seen outside a clinic queued up to do this heinous crime.

It is high time we should realise the importance of women. They should not be confined within the four walls of the house. A nation’s development is possible only when both educated men and women come to the forefront and help in the development of a nation.

It is my humble request to the people to awaken and realise the importance of a girl child. She is not a burden. Let us take care of them and correct the gender imbalance by caring for one’s daughter as much as we do for our sons.

Thanking you

Yours sincerely

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