Letter to Friend: Sympathy on Failure in Examination

Write a letter to your friend expressing sympathy on his failure in the examination.

B-140, Malviya Nagar
New Delhi

2nd May, 20XX

Dear Amit

I received your letter. I was shocked to know that you have failed in the High School Examination. I still do not believe it.

I know you studied well, you made all efforts to pass the examination in spite of the fact that you had been confined to bed for two months after your accident in December last. You not only missed your classes but also could not concentrate on your studies.

I would however advise you not to lose heart. I am sure you will do better in next examination. I hope you will study earnestly and diligently and come out successful. Wishing you all success in coming examinations.

Yours sincerely, Raju

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