Letter to Principal for Introduction of Vocational Stream

You are Raman/Rama, a member of ParentTeacher Association of Little Valley Senior Secondary School, Hyderabad. Write a letter to the Principal of the school asking him to introduce vocational stream in the school providing facility of teaching such subjects as computers, insurance, etc. so that the students may not needlessly continue academic studies. You are residing at 15, Anand Colony, Hyderabad.

15, Anand Colony

3 March, 20xx

The Principal
Little Valley Senior Secondary School

Subject: Vocational Stream Required in the School


Through this letter I wish to draw your attention towards the need for vocational streams in schools these days. I am Rama, a member of Parent-Teacher Association of your school. Being a working professional myself, I feel that the quality of jobs have changed completely than what it used to be. These days, more importance is given to expertise in a particular field than to marks obtained in the exam.

Traditional academic methods are not adequate in the present scenario. They put unnecessary pressure on the students and cause them to stress, which further leads to poor performance.

Besides teaching the regular subjects, schools should also have vocational subjects, such as computers, insurance, etc. with proper facilities of teaching them. This will allow students to pursue a course of their liking instead of despising academic studies.

I request you to take the necessary steps regarding introduction of vocational streams so that students benefit from it when they finish their education and step into the real world.

Thank you

Yours sincerely

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