Paragraph on Journey You Have Undertaken

Write a paragraph describing a journey, imaginary, or you have undertaken.

This summer, we planned a vacation in Singapore. My father’s cousin lives there. They had been calling us since long. It was a planned vacation so tickets were booked in advance. The responsibility was given to mom as she searched for the best deals through various internet sites. We spend many nights planning and finalizing the itinerary and finally a time table was approved by all just a week before. Our flight was in the morning at 9 am so we hit the road at 6 am in the morning to reach the airport by 7 am. On the way mom kept on enquiring about the lights, fridge, AC and door were locked or not. I and my brother were sleeping in the backside of the car. At the airport we clicked few photographs, posted them on our social media platforms and enjoyed the likes. The flight was on time and we boarded our plane and travelled through the Indian Ocean to reach Singapore in about six hours. Uncle and aunt both were there at the airport to receive us. We travel over the roads of Singapore among skyscrapers and beautiful landscape to uncle’s home. It was late evening and we all were tired due to jet lag. We had our dinner and slept off early. Our itchy feet woke us up very early and we all sat down with our coffee cups to plan the day ahead of us. We thought of going for scuba diving. We reached at the centre and we thought of travelling light as most of the required accessories were available. The diving spot was at the far south horn of the bay where there are huge steep rock faces and underwater caves. Half an hour later, while I was swimming around 50 meters from the shore, a calamity struck. As I was swimming next to a lone rock, suddenly a huge wave came and crashed on me, taking me by surprise. It completely rolled my body around and I totally lost my sense of direction. I was short of breath and I was squirming around, splashing and trying to find where the air was. I swam up fast, penetrated the surface, on the home stretch, I took a breath of air, and then, afraid of the next wave coming, looked around. Then like any port in a storm, my coach came looking for me with all sort of help. This huge wave was like a stopover for me. We all came back as I had severe headache and dizziness. We continued with our plan for next few days and then finally we departed from Singapore to be back with memories forever.

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