What is Verb Tense?

The form of verb that tells us about the time or state of an action and whether or not the action is complete is called the Tense of the verb.

There are three main tenses:

  1. The Present Tense
  2. The Past Tense
  3. The Future Tense

Each of the three main tenses is further divided into four forms that specify the time segment pertaining to the various states of existence/continuance/completion of a particular action.

  1. Simple
  2. Continuous
  3. Perfect Perfect
  4. Continuous
  1. The Present Tenses
    1. Simple Present
    2. Present Perfect
    3. Present Continuous
    4. Present Perfect Continuous
  2. The Past Tenses
    1. Simple Past
    1. Past Perfect
    2. Past Continuous
    3. Past Perfect Continuous
  3. The Future Tenses
    1. Simple Future
    2. Future Perfect
    3. Future Continuous
    4. Future Perfect Continuous

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