When I Set Out For Lyonnesse – Important Questions

Important Question and Answers

Q. Read the extract and answer the questions that follow:

When I set out for Lyonnesse
A hundred miles away,
The rime was on the spray;
And starlight lit my lonesomeness
When I set out for Lyonnesse
A hundred miles away.

  1. How far was Lyonnesse?
    Lyonnesse was a hundred miles away.
  2. What lit the poet’s lonesomeness?
    Starlight lit the poet’s lonesomeness.
  3. What was the weather condition there?
    It was the winter season with drop of frost and dew.

Q. What is Lyonnesse?

Ans. Lyonnesse is the mythical birthplace of Sir Tristram, in England, believed to have been submerged by the sea.

Q. Why did the poet visit a parish?

Ans. The poet Thomas Hardy visited a parish to supervise the restoration of a church.

Q. On his return from the parish what two things did people notice about him?

Ans. On his return from the parish people noticed two things about him: a new glow in his eyes and a piece of paper sticking out of his coat pocket.

Q. In which season did he set out on his journey for Lyonnesse?

Ans. He set out on his journey for Lyonnesse in winter season.

Q. Who accompanied him in his loneliness?

Ans. Starlight accompanied him in his loneliness.

Q. Why did prophet and wizard not guess about the magic in the poet’s eyes?

Ans. Prophet and wizard did not guess about that magic in the poet’s eyes because this was the radiance in his life and eyes due to the blessings of God.

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