Meadow Surprises – Important Questions

Important Question and Answers

Q. Why does the poet asks us to walk softly through the meadow?

Ans. The poet asks us to walk softly through the meadow because then only we will be able to see all the surprises that are there in it. A lot of animals, birds and insects live there and they will get frightened if we make a noise.

Q. Whose houses have been mentioned in the poem ‘Meadow surprises’?

Ans. The poet talks about the houses of birds lying in nests, ants in ant hills among the tall grasses and rabbits in burrows.

Q. What activity of a butterfly has been described in the poem?

Ans. The poet tells us that a butterfly is sipping the nectar from a buttercup flower.

Q. What kind of people are able to find the beauty of the meadow?

Ans. The people who have sharp eyes and keen ears will be able to find the beauty of the meadow.

Q. In the poem, the poet tells us about which animal who will get afraid of us.

Ans. In the poem, the poet tells us that we might scare a rabbit if we just suddenly walk into the meadow.

Q. Where does the butterfly rest?

Ans. The butterfly rests upon a buttercup.

Q. Where are the burrows?

Ans. The burrows are in the ground.

Q. Describe the activities of rabbit?

Ans. The rabbit sits very still, but if we scare him, it will hop away; run away fast.

Q. “Meadows have surprises.” Discuss.

Ans. Meadows have full nature in bloom in the form of surprises, the more we look and hear, the more we’ll get to know about it. The grass and the brook are lovely natural experiences.

Q. Why do you think it is obligatory to walk softly through the meadow?

Ans. According to the poet, a meadow has so many surprises in it. There are different species of animals which live in the meadows in burrows. Different kinds of birds make their nest and live there. They get frightened at the sight of human beings. They also begin to hide themselves. This is the reason why we should walk softly through the meadow to see its scenic beauty otherwise all these creatures will hide themselves in their shelters.

Q. Which houses have been referred to by the term ‘meadow houses’?

Ans. Meadow houses referred to here are burrows in the ground meant for smaller animals, nests beneath the tall grass for birds and mounds for ants, while exploring the meadows one can see all of these ‘houses’ which can be seen only in meadows when one walks softly.

Q. How does a butterfly sip nectar from a buttercup?

Ans. A butterfly is a small insect in different colours. It has a long and thin body which seems to be very huge because of four coloured wings. It sits on the buttercup with its wings closed. It is a beautiful insect. It has a small and thin pipe like mouth which is used to sip the nectar from the buttercup easily.

Q. How does a rabbit react when it sees a man?

Ans. A rabbit is a beautiful small animal which has gray brown fur on its body, long ears which help it to hear the noise of danger and a short tail. It lives in holes in the ground which are called burrows and have many holes. It hops and soon disappears into the ground or in the bushes as soon as it sees a human being coming towards it, as it gets frightened at the appearance of a human being.

Q. What are the various sights that one can perceive in the meadow?

Ans. Meadows are beautiful landscapes. In the meadows, one can perceive various beautiful sights. One is able to see butterflies sipping nectar from the flowers, a rabbit that suddenly hops in front of you, dandelions transforming from buds to flowers and one can seek the pleasure of seeing them flutter. Thus, one is spellbound whenever one gets a chance to pass through a meadow, burrow, mounds, nests etc. all placed nearly in the same area. These can be perceived only in the meadows as they are found nowhere other than meadows. The feeling of walking through the soft velvet like grass can only be experienced by those who have got an opportunity to walk over the grass of the meadows.

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