The Story of Cricket – Important Questions

Important Question and Answers

Q. When was cricket started in England?

Ans. 500 years ago.

Q. What is the length of the pitch?

Ans. 22 yards.

Q. Name any Oval Cricket Ground?

Ans. Adelaide Oval.

Q. Name an outstanding Indian batsman who played test cricket?

Ans. C. K, Nayudu.

Q. In which year did India enter the world of cricket?

Ans. In the year 1932.

Q. Name two countries who played first test match?

Ans. Australia and England.

Q. How has cricket gained popularity?

Ans. Through television.

Q. Name the Indian community who started cricket in India?

Ans. The Parsis.

Q. Mention the year when the cricket rules were written for the first time.

Ans. In 1744 cricket rules were written for the first time.

Q. How and when did the cricket evolve in England?

Ans. Many stick and ball games were played in England through which cricket was evolved. All this happened about five centuries ago.

Q. Give the specified length of the pitch and the size of ground in the game of cricket.

Ans. The specified length of the pitch in the game of cricket is twenty two yards. But, there is no specification of the size of the ground in the game of cricket.

Q. In what way did the cricket bats originally resembled the hockey sticks?

Ans. The cricket bats originally resembled the hockey sticks. They were curved outwards at the bottom. The curve helped the bat to contact the ball.

Q. Why were the Parsis known as the founders of the first Indian Cricket Club?

Ans. The Oriental Cricket Club was known as the first Indian cricket club. It was founded by the Parsis in Bombay in 1848. Parsis were called its founders because the white cricket elite in India did not offer the least help to India.

Q. State two changes that were seen in the game of cricket around 1780.

Ans. The two changes that were seen in the game of cricket around 1780 are:

  • A Test match was played for an average three days.
  • It was also the period when the first six-seam cricket ball was created.

Q. What did the ‘Laws of cricket’ state about the selection of the umpires?

Ans. The first written ‘Laws of Cricket’ were formed in 1744. According to them, the principals shall choose from amongst the gentleman, the present two umpires. They shall invariably decide all disputes.

Q. C. K. Nayudu’s name is recorded in the history of cricket, why? What are the reason behind in making him legend?

Ans. C. K. Nayudu is revered because he was an outstanding Indian batsman. He was one of the few initial Indian cricketers who got the opportunity to play the test match cricket. Nayudu created history by becoming the first captain of the Indian Test Team.

Q. Explain elaborately India’s dominance in the world cricket today.

Ans. India has the largest viewership for the game of cricket among all the test playing nations. It is also the largest market in the cricketing world. It has made the centre of gravity to shift toward South Asia from the country it originated ie England. The ICC headquarters too were shifted from London to Dubai where it is tax-free. The Indian cricket players are the best paid in the International Cricket. They are famous and have got millions of supporters.

Q. The Pitching of the ball through the air made a great difference in the game of cricket. Justify.

Ans. Many revolutionary changes were brought about in the game of cricket by the bowling action of pitching the ball in the air. It provided the bowlers the option of length, deception through the air besides the increased pace. It bought about novel and fabulous opportunities for spin and swing. Besides, the pitching of the ball through the air has also affected the batsman. The batsman was required to master timing and shot selection. The replacement of the current bat with the straight bat was its instant result.

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