The Summit Within – Important Questions

Important Question and Answers

Q. What is one’s feeling after climbing the Summit of Everest?

Ans. After climbing the Summit of Mount Everest, one is overwhelmed by a deep sense of joy and thankfulness.

Q. Why once the passage taken up cannot be taken back?

Ans. Once the passage taken up cannot be taken back because it is as difficult as the passage onwards.

Q. What do the pictures of God left on Everest symbolise?

Ans. The pictures of God left on Everest symbolise reverence.

Q. What has the experience as an Everester taught the narrator?

Ans. The experience as an Everester has taught the narrator to face life’s ordeals resolutely.

Q. What is more than a physical conquest of a mountain?

Ans. There is more than the physical conquest of a mountain, it is the sense of fulfilment, satisfaction of a deep urge to rise above one’s surroundings. It is the eternal love for adventure in man.

Q. What is the scene around when one stands on the summit?

Ans. The scene around when standing on the summit is beautiful. There are other silvery peaks around which appear through the clouds specially when the sun is on them. The surrounding peaks look like jewelled necklace around the neck of a summit and below are the vast valleys sloping into a distance.

Q. How does the experience of climbing the summit change you completely?

Ans. Climbing the mountain changes you completely because you realize that there is another summit within yourself. It is in your mind. Each man carries within himself a mountain peak which cannot be climbed by anyone else. You must climb yourself to reach a fuller knowledge of yourself.

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