Unseen Passage: Lion and Owl

Once, the lion the king of the jungle, the lion said to its friend, “As you know I am the king of the jungle and my cub is going to be the next king, I want to provide him with the education that is fit for a king. Please suggest a good teacher for my cub.” The owl suggested the fox, as it is supposed to be very clever. The lion replied, “No way! The fox is very cunning and he always lies; he cannot teach my son.” The owl suggested the elephant but the lion said, “the elephant is just strong but not intelligent; he cannot be my cub’s teacher.”

The owl suggested many animals’ names but the lion did not approve anybody. Finally, the owl said, “Ok why don’t I teach your son ?‘‘ The lion readily agreed as the owl is supposed to be very wise. He appointed the wise owl as the cub’s teacher.

Q. Fill in the blanks with the correct option:

  1. The young one of a lion is called a ______________. (cub, lioness, prince)
  2. The lion wanted a good ______________ for his cub. (partner, friend, teacher)
  3. He did not want the fox to teach him because he is _________________. (cunning, silly, clever)
  4. Finally the lion selected the _______________ as his cub’s teacher. (elephant, owl, monkey)
  5. The opposite of wise is ______________. (foolish, wisdom, intelligent)


  1. cub
  2. teacher
  3. cunning
  4. owl
  5. foolish

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