What is a Transitive Verb?

The main verbs having either a direct object or an indirect object in addition to a direct object are called Transitive Verbs.

  1. The monkey is eating a banana
  2. The washerman washed our clothes clean.
  3. The girl plucked some beautiful flowers from the garden.
  4. The master gave the donkey a hard blow.
  5. The queen has borne the king the heir to the throne.

In the above sentences, the underlined words a banana, our clothes, some beautiful flowers, a hard blow and the heir to the throne are the direct objects, and the words the donkey and the king are the indirect objects for their verbs (eating, washed, plucked, gave and borne, respectively).

Therefore, the verbs eat, wash, pluck, give and bear are Transitive Verbs. The transitive verbs always take some object after them in the predicate (as a part of the complement).

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